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A procedural hook-based platformer 

The cocos have been kidnapped! 

The Pogovon empire invaded Cocodu planet and captured the cocos! Pogovons are searching for an unlimited source of power amongst species from different planets and heard about the unlimited happines of the cocos. Now they plan to extract their happiness to power up their deadly weapons

This time there's no help around. 

Play as a coco that finds an experimental laser-hook and swing your way out, search for your friends and destroy those super weapons.

Now also on PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch


  • Super cool hook movement: Jump and swing across the place with a laser-hook and reach every corner to save your friends.
  • Randomly generated levels: Each run is completely different!
  • Infinite gameplay: Complete the game and loop the next time just to see how far can you make it.
  • Bouncing bullets!
  • 10 different playable cocos: Each one have a different skill! 
  • Six bosses: Destroy them by finding and pushing the buttons that deactivates them.
  • Secret and dangerous areas to discover.
  •  Challenge Mode   Clear a series of handmade levels and unlock new cocos!
  • Aliens!
  • More than 15 upgrades to choose! Turn enemies into food, obtain a shield, slow down missiles, jump higher, attract food... 


  • Eat food to gain hp.  
  • Go faster to increase the lenght of your trail.
  • Use your trail to destroy enemies
  • A-D / Arrows - move
  • W / space / up arrow - jump
  • Aim with mouse
  • Hold Left click to grapple
  • Right click Shoot bouncing bullets
  • X accept - Z back
  • Controller Recommended








Pay the specified amount above the minimum and get the full high-quality 20-track techno-synthwave soundtrack!


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Really fun idea, felt weird that it was controller only I would have loved to use my mouse for this game or maybe you can and I am just dumb.

Hey! Sorry, maybe the controls are set to controller by default, I'll update that. 

But yes you can play it with keyboard/mouse, just navigate to Options -> Controls and select Mouse with the X key. That should enable Mouse controls :) 


any plans for releasing it also in other PC and nonPC platform than just itch?

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Un gran videojuego que mezcla las plataformas y roguelike con una bonita estética retro que esconde una experiencia sumamente divertida.

Mi review: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2021/07/indie-review-el-gancho.html

I friggin loved it so much and yes I did a video about it ❤️